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MFW: TRUSSARDI Spring Summer 2023 Collection

Designers Benjamin A. Huseby & Serhat Işık introduce their second collection for Trussardi during the Milano Fashion Week


Fashion house TRUSSARDI presented their Spring Summer 2023 Collection, with a show held on September 24th during the ongoing Milano Fashion Week. For this season, designers Benjamin A. Huseby & Serhat Işık remodel the signature house code with mixing past and future, dreams and pragmatism, modernity and heritage, and even magic. The collection includes staples of polo shirts, cotton-linen V-neck knits, jeans, jersey draped skirts, cotton shirting, a gossamer nylon long jacket, boxy and lithe linen suiting.



Magic and healing were once inseparable, and primarily in the hands of women. Starting in the Early Modern Period, magic—seen as witchcraft—would become eradicated through the persecution of its practitioners during the witch trials. Healing would slowly become commodified into what we know as modern medicine, which from the Industrial Age was primarily practiced by men.

Alongside it, plant lore and our connection to nature was largely lost.
In her seminal work ‘Caliban and The Witch’, scholar Silvia Federici writes:

“The witch-hunt deepened the divisions between women and men, teaching men to fear the power
of women, and destroyed a universe of practices, beliefs, and social subjects.”

She describes how in our aim to control nature, the irrationality of magic had to be supressed:
“Above all, magic seemed a form of refusal of work, of insubordination, and an instrument of
grassroots resistance to power. The world has to be ‘disenchanted’ in order to be dominated.”

How can we bring a sense of enchantment back to our world?
And how can the distant past feel relevant for the present?

In our excavation work while remodelling the house of Trussardi, we view history as non-linear and chaotic. It’s a meeting of past and future, dreams and pragmatism, modernity and heritage, and even magic, reflected in the tarnished mirrors of the gilded and haunted rooms of Palazzo Clerici, where we are presenting our second collection for this historic Milanese house. – Benjamin A. Huseby & Serhat Işık, Creative Directors


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