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5 Vacation Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

Keep reading and let your luggage be the least of your problems if you’re having difficulties deciding what basics you’ll need for your next vacation

Photography Vince Perry Jr. for DSCENE

Vacations are an essential part of most people’s year. Getting out of town allows you to unplug, relax and reset. Not to mention, vacationing has some seriously positive health benefits, from reduced stress and big impacts on your mental health. When it comes to planning for your vacation, there’s plenty of excitement from picking the perfect destination, the right excursions for your lifestyle, and shopping for new clothes for the trip. If you’re having trouble nailing down what essentials you’ll need for your next trip, keep reading and let your luggage be the least of your worries.

Light Layers

Layering is essential for vacationing for several reasons. Whether taking a quick road trip or flying across the ocean, temperature fluctuations are bound to happen en route. Stay comfortable in your car or on a packed plane by wearing light layers and include some in your suitcase too! Layering options perfect for vacations are a windbreaker, light cardigans, and an oversized scarf that can work as a blanket in a bind. Layers are great once you’re at your destination too. Even in a humid climate, strong winds and breezes can leave you chilled, and a compact layer in your day bag ensures you stay comfortable enough to enjoy whatever the day brings.

Swimwear Choices

Statistically, over fifty percent of American vacations are beach vacations. This means having plenty of options in your suitcase for swimming is important. There’s nothing worse than putting on a swimsuit still damp and slightly cold from the day before. Whether you’re looking for a one-piece, a sexy women’s bikini, or something in between, pack options. Additionally, you’d wear something totally different to go scuba diving then you would work on your tan. Not to mention, we take a lot of vacation selfies, so looking and feeling your best in the right swimsuit is essential.

Photography Vince Perry Jr. for DSCENE


Vacations are a time to ditch the decision fatigue that comes with your daily grind. One area you can simplify things in your suitcase and make getting ready every day a breeze is to pack plenty of one-and-done options. Rompers, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits help you look put together and take just minutes to get ready. Coordinated sets are another way to get the job done if you’re not a fan of those styles. These outfits look polished and easily elevate the look with simple accessories like jewelry, your shoe style, and a bold lip.

Oversized Hat

Did you know that the number one thing dermatologists recommend to protect your delicate facial skin isn’t even a cream or SPF? It’s a sun hat! The skin on our face is much more delicate than the rest of our body, and spending hours upon hours in the harsh daytime sun can do a number on it. Aside from sunburn in the short term, long-term damage from too much sun on your face can show up in fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or melasma. Make sure your face is protected with a cute sun hat in a tropical environment. And, take things a step further and throw on some oversized designer shades to protect your eye area.

Photography Vince Perry Jr. for DSCENE

A Day Bag

Maybe you already have your trusty LV Neverfull, or you’re a fanny pack gal. No matter where you are on the day bag spectrum, having a comfortable one is key when traveling. From being able to store essentials like a passport, cash, and cards and anything else you’d use in a day, an oversized bag is a perfect accessory on vacation. Ideally, you’ll use a bag that can hold a reusable water bottle, a towel, and even a cover-up. Depending on how far your accommodations are from the main attractions, a day bag can be a lifesaver.

Regarding the rest of what you pack, stick with natural textiles like cotton or linen to ensure you’re cool and comfortable on your trip. Since shoes take up more room than anything in a suitcase, be realistic about your footwear needs based on where you’re headed. One thing’s for sure, though, you’ll want all the above essentials in your vacay wardrobe this year to stay comfortable and, of course, in style. Happy trails!

All images by Vince Perry Jr. for DSCENE.


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