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America’s Next Top Model : “The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool”

TV show: America's Next Top Model
Photography: Trevor O'shana
Photo shoot creative director: Jay Manuel
Producer: Tyra Banks

The girl starting to lose her cool this time is Heather, shes under a lot of pressure, and girls just don't leave her alone, jealous? The photo shoot in this episode 9 of cycle 9 was done by Trevor O'shana, in a California desert, trying to portray desperation next to a burning car in a middle of nowhere. On the judging the underdog Amber, was sent home, here is the rest of the shoot: Bianca, Chantal, Heather, Jenah, Lisa and Saleisha. The girls are going to China next week and face their biggest challenge, easy breezy Covergirl, yes its the video ad shoot.

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