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One’s Real Life is Often the Life That One Does Not Lead

Magazine: Arena Homme +
Issue: Winter/Spring 08.09
Photography: Steven Klein
Models: Santiago (Empire), Brian Carr, Alex Christensen, Charles Devoe, Travis Hanson, Kerry Degman & Doug Porter (Major), Bryton Munn (Ford), Sascha Kooienga (Red Models), Travis Bryant (B1), Yuri & Paul Anthony (Request), Jason W (NYM), Nils Lawton & Caleb (Public Image) & Duran Bunch (Wilhelmina)
Styling: Panos Yiapanis
Few outtakes from a Steven Klein shoot in the new issue of Arena Homme+ one of the largest features in this issues features a number of very reavealing model photos, together with the usual SK contraversy. Source.

The 1st Mango HE store

Chad White by Terry Richardson |behind the scenes|