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City: A Photography Retrospective

Book: City – A photography Retrospective

Book A Photography Retrospective, edited and produced by former creative director and current editor-at-large of City magazine Fabrice Frere, showcases award winning photography, best of CITYs fashion shoots, still lifes, close-ups, and cover shots. The collection features the work of Bela Borsod, Anthony Cotsifas, Alexander Deutch, Dwight Eschliman, Torkil Gudnason, Patricia Heal, Matt Hoyle, Anne Menke, Thomas Rusch, Martyn Thompson, Andrew Zuckerman, Horacio Selinas, Sarah Silver, Daniela Stallinger, Phillip Toledano and Kenji Toma. With behind the scenes stories of each of the shoots this 336 page hardcover is a must in library of a real photography fan.

Marlon Teixeira by Karl Lagerfeld

Chad White by Terry Richardson