Photography by Tim Simmons

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Photography by Tim Simmons

Tim Simmons’ photographs are investigations into the multilayered relationship we have with our surroundings.
Shooting at night or in twilight, he manipulates his subject into something beyond mere landscape, achieving a pictorial language that alludes to fairytale worlds or stories of alien visitation.
Through subtle changes to familiar territory, Simmons creates sublime vignettes which resonate feelings of the spirit of a place. Cleansed of imperfection, and seemingly abandoned, familiar scenarios become strange and dreamlike; more like the memory of a place than the reality. Like mementos to instants of heightened awareness, these images provide spaces for reflection on our existence in this world.


  1. Mihai Albu says:

    I love the first and the third shot. This is I am talking about! Outdoor flash shots. Here is my first experiment: