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Design by Michael DiTullo

Designer: Michael DiTullo
Specialties: Design Management, Industrial Design, Fashion/Apparel
Experience: 10+ years
Awards: IDSA silver, Shonan World Design Award, ASA Universal Design Award, Carnegie Xorel Award, Platinum Award for Design Excellence (ADEX),Comenius Cachet
This image depicts a post polar ice cap world in which humans have made a tropical utopia out of their new environment. In this new day, the land is completely covered by the warm Pacific Ocean, with only the highest mountain peaks revealing themselves. People live in mobile lily pad homes. Generators dangle off the bottoms of the “Lily Pods” creating energy from the high temperatures and strong currents. – FUTR WRLD entry_Post Ice Cap Tropical Utopia, the top image.

Michael is an award winning product designer whose work has been featured internationally over the past decade. He has experience creating iconic designs for consulting firms, in house corporate groups, and working on his own. Currently Michael is the Design Director of Converse Basketball, he also freelances, teaches, mentors, and is a contributor.

*Photo Credit / Source | Coroflot

Jože Plečnik Stadium by gmp Architekten

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