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Cairo Expo City by Zaha Hadid

Project: Cairo Expo City

Location: Cairo, Egypt
After the announcement of Stone Towers project by Zaha Hadid in Cairo, another colossal Hadid project is set to reshape Cairo, this time the famed architect designed Cairo’s Expo City centre, later this year works are scheduled to begin for the 450 000 sq m exhibition centre and business hotel.

“As the exhibition spaces require the greatest degree of flexibility, we wanted to ensure that all the public spaces and formal composition of Cairo Expo City relate to the surrounding Egyptian landscape.” said Hadid. “Along the great rivers of the region, most particularly the Nile, there is a powerful dynamic – a constant flow between the water and the land – which extends to incorporate the neighboring buildings and landscapes. For the Cairo Expo City design, we worked to capture that seamlessness and fluidity in an urban architectural context.” More images under the cut:

*Source: World Architecture News | Photo credit: Zaha Hadid Architects

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