#MFW Versace Spring Summer 2016 Menswear Collection

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Donatella Versace reviled new Versace Spring Summer 2016 menswear collection created for brave men during the recently finished Milano Fashion Week SS16.

Desert mood and tones. The drape and distinction of #Versace foulard scarves. Tailoring is stripped of construction. The body is compact and pinstripes disappears as if faded by the sun. Zip-up blouson are essentials, while oversize pockets gives the feel of desert utility to long spring coat. Tie-dye is like desert haze camouflage on flowing headscarves, suits and long-lenght sweaters. The new Versace man is an adventurer in where he travels and what he wears.

VersaceMenSS16-02 VersaceMenSS16-03 VersaceMenSS16-04 VersaceMenSS16-05 VersaceMenSS16-06 VersaceMenSS16-07 VersaceMenSS16-08 VersaceMenSS16-09 VersaceMenSS16-10 VersaceMenSS16-11 VersaceMenSS16-12 VersaceMenSS16-13 VersaceMenSS16-14 VersaceMenSS16-15 VersaceMenSS16-16 VersaceMenSS16-17 VersaceMenSS16-18 VersaceMenSS16-19 VersaceMenSS16-20 VersaceMenSS16-21 VersaceMenSS16-22 VersaceMenSS16-23 VersaceMenSS16-24 VersaceMenSS16-25 VersaceMenSS16-26 VersaceMenSS16-27 VersaceMenSS16-28 VersaceMenSS16-29 VersaceMenSS16-30 VersaceMenSS16-31 VersaceMenSS16-32 VersaceMenSS16-33 VersaceMenSS16-34 VersaceMenSS16-35 VersaceMenSS16-36 VersaceMenSS16-37 VersaceMenSS16-38 VersaceMenSS16-39 VersaceMenSS16-40 VersaceMenSS16-41 VersaceMenSS16-42 VersaceMenSS16-43 VersaceMenSS16-44

Web: www.versace.com

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