3 Great Tips to Think of When Changing Your Style


You’ve recently experienced a big change in your life. Perhaps it’s a new school year and you haven’t seen your friends in months, you’re headed off to college and want to start fresh, you’ve gone through a painful breakup and want to show the world that you’re still alive and well, or you just want to keep up with the times. These are some of the many motives for making a drastic change in the clothes that you wear or how you do your hair.

As we grow and mature, we develop particular styles that set us apart from the rest of the people around us. Perhaps you wear plaid, maybe you wear cargo shorts, a Mohawk even. Whatever it could be, your style is part of what makes you unique. Sometimes, circumstances change and we want to reflect a different image on the rest of the world. The possibilities to doing this are nearly limitless, but beware as there are bad ways to do it. So to avoid those, we’ve highlighted three of the greatest tips to think about when changing your style.


1 – Embrace your physique

This may be difficult for a lot of people out there who are self-conscious, but often times you will find a lot of individuals who dress in much larger clothes than they need to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when you want to make a change in your style, we suggest looking for clothes that complement your body type. says that wearing clothes that don’t fit your body properly is both unflattering and uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you like to avoid that? A man who is skinny might try to look bigger by wearing medium shirts and pants, but the opposite often happens—wearing too-large clothes actually makes you look even smaller. On the other hand, a larger man who wears too-small clothes will only look larger, as the clothing clings to any unsightly bulges and accentuates them. Wearing the right size for you is guaranteed to make an amazing improvement. No matter your size or shape, you will look sleek, modern, and approachable, just by changing the size of the clothes in your closet!


2 – Embrace your personality

This is a big step in changing your style. It’s more important than finding the right outfit or shopping at the right price. You see, a lot of the thinking behind changing your style revolves around how you view yourself. For example, as a teenager just out of high school, chances are you wore a lot of comfy jeans and t-shirts. But as you grow up, enter the working world, and your social circle changes, you probably had to add a nice suit or two to your wardrobe.

Nothing says you have to stick with plain grey, though! Even if your office is strictly business, your accessories can show off your personality in a totally legitimate way. Stand out from the crowd with a pair of well-made shoes and some colorful VK Nagrani’sover the calf socks for men. This is a small way to express yourself without going overboard into tacky land. For an additional splash of color, look at pocket squares, neckties, and even brightly-colored Oxford explains that “you are one person deep inside, but project a false self to others that is not the same at all.” To fully reach all the potential in changing your style, you have to come out of your shell, stop caring about all of the naysayers in the world, and just be yourself.


3 – Ask for help

You would be surprised just how effective help and positive reinforcement from others can be. A study done by indicated that those who receive proper encouragement excel at their related activities. So when you begin changing your style, it’s a good idea to ask for help from people who know the real you. Not only can they give you a boost in the right direction, but if they’re in tune with what looks good and what doesn’t, they’ll truly help you shine bright.

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Sometimes they can help without even knowing what’s hip. An older friend or family member might give you some retro and classic style tips. Friends and style mentors can boost your confidence through their fashion advice, as you will look better and feel better, too.

In Conclusion

Changing your style isn’t necessarily an easy process. Depending on the person and the kinds of experiences they’ve been through, it can be difficult. However, if you open yourself up to who you are and what you are capable of, you can shine right through. Don’t worry about what other people say, because odds are, they don’t know the real you. Instead, pursue that spontaneity, revel in being different. The possibilities for changing your style are endless, and the journey to find what works for you is one worth embarking on.

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