6 Fixes For Contemporary Kitchen Design

Giving your kitchen a contemporary chic makeover, is a tricky undertaking, most people tend to overdo, which results in a sophisticated mess. Experts at Aj Madison have come to our rescue with few pro tips that will keep our readers ahead of current design trends.

Follow a Distinctive Theme

Instead of designing a new look for the kitchen,bring your house’s theme into the kitchen. That shall extend to use of similar colors, lighting, accessories and furniture choices. Bringing a new theme into kitchen will unbalance the house’s design and won’t help the cause of making a stand-out kitchen either.

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Go Old School

Designers around the globe are moving toward interiors that are closer to nature and have a green impact on the environment with less carbon footprints.This translates to using recycled materials and going with simplistic layouts. You can go with neutral colors like white and shades of blue or green along with light furniture and a multipurpose dining/kitchen table.

Portray Kitchen as a Canvas

The whole idea of using light colors and going with simplistic layout is to accentuate colors and art wherever you decide to use them. Ideally, your kitchen shall have a centerpiece, that should be the center of attention, be it your kitchen table, shelves or a vacant wall covered with wallpaper. You need to awaken the inner artist to pull it through correctly.

Using Vacant Wall

The options are limitless if you happen to find a wall where you can install a contemporary wallpaper, your favorite portrait or a bunch of family albums. Another novel idea is to fill the space with black chalkboard paint and add to-do lists, daily quotes, menus and recipes. You can even use colored chalks to bring new twists every day.

Caution: The size of the chalkboard wall should proportionate to the kitchen’s size and no matter what you choose to do with the vacant wall, always find one which is in direct line of sight on the kitchen’s entrance.

Shelves as Art Piece

The idea is to go for open shelves, put your cutlery to display and cover the background either with vinyls, wallpapers or random bright solid colors. Open shelves will add the chic look in a neutrally colored kitchen while keeping the focus on cutlery.

Caution: Do not put everything on display and keep close shelves (with doors) hidden when possible.

Kitchen Table

This table is the largest piece of furniture in the kitchen, and in most cases, it is placed in the center. Ideally, the kitchen table is used for both preparing and eating meals. It can be used as the favorable spot for poking some colour into kitchen’s theme via a colorful vase with flowers, a fancy knife- stand and even with solid colored minimalistic trendy chairs or stools. The key here is not to make it look over crowded, and keep things streamlined.

Finally, you can go with all the above mentioned tips or just one or two, depending on your budget and the level of redesign your kitchen needs.But do lookout for ideas and inspiration before making a move.

Images from New Level of Minimal by YLAB Arquitectos



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