10 Things To Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Here are a few things to avoid when buying office furniture to help you make the most of your spending spree.

Office furniture purchase is an arduous task that requires careful deliberation and meticulous planning. Here are a few things to avoid when buying office furniture to help you make the most of your spending spree.

Never Purchase Office Furniture Without A Good Plan

As highlighted earlier, consider buying furniture for your office as a challenge that needs proper planning in order to avoid unnecessary overhead and upkeep issues. Going to your furniture dealer without a plan in place will land you with the wrong furniture. Selecting the right kind of furniture requires you to be aware of some technical aspects a good plan with drawings and illustrations will ensure that you have the right specifications and requirements clearly laid out for your purchase. There are many things to avoid when choosing to buy office furniture, you don’t want to overpay. Try looking at some used office furniture from Evans office furniture, at a very good price it is a solid investment for your office.

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Buying Your Furniture without Inspection or Testing

There is a general rule for purchasing that applies to usable commodities. Testing! Just like you put on a pair of jeans to test it for size before purchasing it, inspect your office furniture like chairs, cabinets and tables before you pay for them. A nice idea is to include some of your office representatives in the shopping trip to get a better insight of how a furniture item would fit with your layout. They would contribute helpful opinions that would allow you to make informed decisions regarding your office furniture purchase.

Choosing the Wrong Design Elements or Fabric

The most significant aspect to consider when purchasing furniture for the office is the design element and right kind of fabric. You are essentially looking for durable. Remember this furniture will be used by workers at the office and they must feel happy and comfortable when working.This will in turn boost productivity. So, select the right fabric and appropriate design for each section of the office. For example, fabric like vinyl or perhaps crypton, is durable and can be easily cleaned, so it’s apt for the lounges or lobbies. Leather fabrics look good in a conference or meeting room, while mesh fabrics are better suited to work areas, as they permit airflow to the skin.

Buying Furniture from a Dealer Who’s Not a Pro

Make it a habit to buy furniture from a professional dealer having sound knowledge of the technical and design aspects of office furniture. Since many dealers are only interested in making money and not retaining a customer,there are chances you’ll end up with the wrong selection. A proper office furniture dealer would be able to guide you better throughout the lifecycle of your new furniture and offer tips which will enhance the longevity and value of your existing office furniture as well.

Impulse Buying And Purchasing Extra Furniture

Not many can resist impulse buying but when it comes to modern office furniture you have to stick to the plan. Do Not buy additional furniture just because you want to get stuff for future use.Your dealer will be happy to manufacture new items for you whenever you need them. You just have to place an order.Also, bear in mind that it’s easier to buy more furniture and hard to sell or dispose it of. So, make sure you buy only the needed items. Furthermore, do a little research to find stylish furniture on a budget.

Purchasing Without Weighing The Ownership Costs

People often tend to underestimate costs associated with the furniture because they don’t consider factors like installation fees,taxation,logistics and maintenance.When planning for your office furniture purchase, factor in these added costs to the overall estimate to avoid any hassle later. When purchasing, maintenance fees and product warranty are important considerations that you should not miss out on. Havea clear understanding of the upkeep expenses and warranty features including parts and labor services, duration of the warranty, and other related charges.

Paying the Designer Fee for Your Office Furniture

Be careful not to pay a designer fee separately for your office furniture, especially if you are buying new items. If your dealer asks for a fee to work out a furniture plan and for configuration drawings, let them know that it is part of the normal work process and that you have already paid for it in the new furniture estimates. No dealer should be charging a separate fee for drawing a plan for installation or layout. If you are getting your existing furniture revamped, it is appropriate to pay the dealer the design fee to work in the new design elements.

Purchasing From A Dealer Who Has Limited Project Management Experience

Always hire a professional furniture dealer who has experienced project managers to handle the installation of your office furniture from punch list signoff to maintenance. Some unprofessional office furniture dealers tend to assign a salesperson to handle the installation to save their costs, which is not recommended at all. While salespeople are great at their job, a project manager is essential in order to oversee the office furniture installation and guide you accordingly.

Buying Furniture from a Dealer without In-House Service

Office furniture is sure to require minor repairs and upkeep after a fair use, therefore, you need a dealer with a proper in-house service department. A third party repair and maintenance firm cannot handle your furniture as good as the manufacturer. Buy your furniture from a dealer who offers in-house after sales services with prompt customer services. They must be able to process your warranty claims without any delays.

Ignoring Your Furniture Order Details and Records in File

It is important to check with the dealer for regular updates to your office furniture order and ensure that the order details are accurately logged in the system. Always ask the dealer to maintain record of your furniture items and order details for future reference so that each piece matches with the order list and you can refer to it whenever you need to order more furniture or ask for a warranty claim.

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