Tips To Take Instagram-Worthy Pictures of Your Kids Like a Celebrity

Taking pictures of children is always a delight for parents. Photography a great method of creating a keepsake for those very special moment, be it a special or ordinary day. Photos used to be stored in albums and picture frames, but today we take, edit, and store them digitally, ensuring they will never fade, and will last for decades to come.

Instagram is one popular social media platform for sharing photos. It is the perfect app for people who like taking pictures, art, and fashion, and sharing them for the world to see. You can post a selfie, a portrait, family picture, or candid shot. It is a platform for showing beautiful photos of your family and keep your followers, most likely your friends and relatives, updated about them.

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@victoriabeckham “Hair cut for our baby girl x kisses from Harper x #howchic”

You have probably heard the term “Instagram-Worthy” from time to time, especially when a picture is undoubtedly beautiful and worthy of the world’s attention. Instagram was invented to simplify capturing, editing and sharing photos we love with friends and family. Everyone can benefit from the skill of taking an insta-worthy picture of our families, especially the kiddos. So, let’s delve into some professional tips for taking great pictures of our kids.

1. Pay Attention To Light

The word photography itself is derived from the root word light. Light is an important aspect in taking good pictures. Bad lighting can result in dull, flat looking pictures; you need vibrant colors in order to have quality photos. You should familiarize yourself with the features of the camera you are using. Experiment with the compatibility of its features with different levels and types of lights. Study how light can affect the picture, in the sense of direction, intensity, and brightness. If you happen to shoot in a location with direct intense, light, try to move into a shady area like a window, tree or a wall, anything that can offer a little bit of shadow to diffuse the light. The best time to take a picture is around sunrise and sunset, called the Golden Hour. It is at these times that the light gets to be naturally filtered by the atmosphere, making it soft, and perfect for taking pictures literally anywhere.

2. Move Closer to Your Subject

It’s your little munchkin, so get close and personal! One common mistake in taking pictures is allowing the background to take over the whole frame. A beautiful picture captures intimate details; take notice of how you manage the frame. Get a close-up on a particular body part you want to focus on, like the smile of your child or their precious little hands.

@cocorocha “Parenting is watching life in fast forward. My babies are huge! 😢”

3. Show Personality

It can be tricky for kids to pose the way you want them to. As children, they are active and will move around when there is space. You can give them instructions on how to pose, but they listen and comprehend the direction you gave only around 70% of the time, so it is important to dress them up for a shoot to compensate. Let the clothes you choose be an accent to the photo. Choose the best clothes that match their personality and show their individuality. For example, if you think your kid is an active athletic person, make him/her wear something with sports designs. That way they are only required to make minimal movement, but their personality will still be captured.

4. Background

I did say not to overwhelm the frame with the background, but it is still an important aspect in taking pictures. The best background you can have is a simple, solid background. Stay away from a noisy, cluttered background, like a busy highway. It can draw away attention from your subject, Remember that the backdrop should be as free from distractions as possible.

@kimkardashian “These two are inseparable #Chi #Saint”

5. Find a Raw Moment

Try to time a candid, raw, relaxed moment to snap a picture, like when your child laughs or starts to play with your household pet. It gives the impression that the picture is a living moment and not staged or fake. The result is natural and beautifully imperfect photo.

Post It!

Time goes fast and having a keepsake of major milestones is important. Sharing an instagram-worthy picture of your family is not of vain, but rather a reflection of the love, pride and joy you have for your most precious ones. You are simply proud to show them off to the world.

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