Finer Options for the Proper Gel Polish for You

Gel Polish

Not only the appearance and durability of our manicure, but also the health of nails largely depends on the correct choice of varnish. In order not to make a mistake and buy a bottle, the contents of which will delight us for a long time, you must carefully consider some important nuances.

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What Is Gel Polish?

Gel nail polish is made from natural resin, known for its non-toxicity, environmental protection, and promotion of health and safety. It’s compatible with any nail with transparent and full colors available. Many people prefer to use a gel nail polish because it’s easy to apply. Also, it instantly quick dry with more durable luster. If you’re looking for a fashionable nail polish that works fine and is chic, gel nail polish is a must try.

Color varnish: what to navigate?

Before you buy another bright bottle, you should think about how, when and with what you will wear this varnish. If its shade does not fit your clothes, lipstick and the usual colors of makeup, then it is better to refuse to buy, even if you really liked the varnish. With the kodi professional gel polish this is important.

• Choose a varnish on the basis of your usual shade of lipstick: their color matching is still considered stylish
• In addition, the color of the varnish should look harmonious with your skin, so remember a few simple rules
• Bright shades of pink and red are perfect for owners of light skin, but they are better off with golden, green and light blue tones
• With olive skin, silver, metallic blue and pink will become the ideal colors, and blue and purple are best avoided

Ladies with medium skin tones should not paint their nails in too light colors, in this case dark saturated wine tones will be best, as well as bright yellow and blue colors;

Dark-haired young ladies will get almost all shades, but it’s better to refuse bronze lacquer – it looks unattractive against the background of dark skin.

It is also worth remembering that the same shade of varnish is hardly suitable for a business meeting, a friendly party and a gala evening. Stock up on these cases in different colors to at any time is fully armed. And do not forget that whatever the shade of lacquer, it will look good only on well-groomed nails. Therefore, do a manicure and remove the cuticle at least once every three weeks, otherwise your hands will become unkempt.

How to determine the quality of varnish?

The easiest and most reliable way to purchase high-quality non toxic nail polish is to buy a product of a famous brand. Large firms value their reputation too much to add low-quality components to their varnishes. Therefore, it is better to overpay a little for guaranteeing the health of your nails than to save a few dozen rubles and then spend a lot of money on restoring the nail plate destroyed by the aggressive coating.

Before making a purchase, be sure to consider the bottle in detail: it should not have cracks and chips. The bottom should be even and steady. The shape of the vial should preferably be without bends. Buying varnishes, packaged in curly packages, you risk becoming the owner of the product, which will soon change the texture due to the fact that some of the components are unevenly distributed along the walls of the bottle.

How To Apply Gel Polish

Remove dust and dead skin on the nail surface. After which, apply a primer and let it dry for 30seconds. Next, apply the first layer of gel nail polish for about a minute. Then the second layer for another minute. Seal the newly polished nails for two minutes and finish.


Now that you’ve learnt the different options when buying high-quality nail polish for you make sure to buy one that’s non-toxic to avoid harmful nail effects, such as streaks and other damages. Also, match the color of your polish to your skin for a more beautiful effect. The color of your nail polish should also match the theme of the event you’ll be attending, whether it’s formal or casual.

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