Absolute Must-have Summer Hairstyles for 2019

Whatever your current style or color, if you feel like a new haircut to embrace summer, now’s the time to do it

Summer always gives us the feeling of change and rejuvenation. The warm, sunny weather means that you don’t need to have your locks stuffed under a beanie like in winter, but out in full force for all to see. Whatever your current style or color, if you feel like a new haircut to embrace summer, now’s the time to do it. We’ll provide some of the best and most popular hairstyles that are trending for this season.

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Rounded bob

A classic that always seems to stick around each year, the difference with the rounded bob is that it has an old-school feel that’s a bit more sophisticated compared to other bobs. Plus, it generally flatters and looks great on many types of face shapes. The choppy bob was popular last year, but 2019 is all about the rounded bob.

Wispy bangs

A gorgeous hairstyle that toes the line perfectly between a typical fringe and curtain bangs, 2019’s wispy bangs will bring a lot of (deserved) attention to your eyes. The great thing is that wispy bangs don’t require a big commitment and are pretty effortless to get. It will look especially great with a longer, sleeker haircut.

Red hair dye

Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Ariel Winter are three of the biggest celebs to reach for a bottle of red hair dye and totally change up their look this summer. Red hair is one of those game-changing colors that just commands attention! Whether it’s a deep shade of crimson or a lighter, strawberry blonde, red hair is striking and can even be done at home.

Buzz cut

Though an extreme move for some, a buzz cut is very liberating and also great for when the temperatures rise. While others are battling frizz and dry hair, you can shave it all off and strut around with a short haircut that shows how confident you are. Dyeing your hair platinum after shaving is trending now, but we’ll leave that choice up to you.

90s long lob

90s fashion has come back in a big way, and this is certainly no different for the hairstyles. A long lob just grazing the shoulders and curled slightly at the ends is the way to go. It’s retro, it’s trendy, and it’s an effortlessly cool look that shows you like to make an entrance wherever you go. Look to Kim Kardashian for some style inspo.

High ponytail

It’s fair to say that when the temperatures rise, so does the ponytail. A high ponytail screams summer, especially for those with hair past their shoulders. For something a bit special, gather your hair at the crown of your head and place it in a half-up ponytail. You could even use a 90s-inspired scrunchie if you’re feeling a bit retro.

Loose waves

A cross between beach waves and the just-got-out-of-bed look, loose waves are a carefree but stylish look for summer, especially for a nighttime dinner or dance. Get the style by curling some sections near your face with a large curling iron.

Rapunzel braid

This is such a cool summer hairstyle because it only really requires some effort in the morning, and then you’re good to go and enjoy the sunshine throughout the day without a care. One long, Rapunzel braid is a trending look that fits anywhere from the office to a nice Sunday picnic.


Finally, if you wake up in the morning and just cannot decide what to do with your hair, why not grab a headband and style yours with this? Accessories are becoming way more acceptable than ever before, and a headband of your choosing can showcase your individuality. It’s also a little bit 50s and super chic, which is fine by us.

Images by Amanda Pratt for Design SCENE

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