Top Design Trends for Spending Winter Months At Home

You can use your design sense to make your home a better place to spend so much time this year

Top Design Trends for Spending Winter Months At Home

As the world eagerly awaits the reduction in COVID-19 cases, many people who would normally be out visiting family and friends or enjoying winter entertainment options are spending time at home. You can use your design sense to make your home a better place to spend so much time this year. The Homelight Q3 Survey of Top Real Estate Agents indicates that 76% of real estate agents have seen a rise in home remodeling with homeowners expediting their projects to make their homes an enjoyable space or retreat. You can do the same!

Add Interactive Tools Like Whiteboards to Make Your Home Better for Work and School

Whether you work from home, school from home, or just have to take some homework back from the classroom or office, there are home design tools that will help! Students are more motivated if you let them help pick their school supplies organizers, install a whiteboard in a spare room, or claim a desk in a corner of the home for their own.

Top Design Trends for Spending Winter Months At Home

Add Comfort To Your Home Office Set-Up

As the pandemic wears on, many people are realizing just how important feeling good in your home office is. You can choose to do big home remodeling projects, like adding a sunny window-filled addition with a home office in the plans, or you can make smaller changes, like buying a cushy, supportive office chair and adding some shelf or desk space. No matter what you do, remember that being comfortable can add to your productivity, which ultimately pays for itself!

Use Sound-Dampening Partitions and Wall Boards to Create Mini Havens

More people than ever before are using video conferencing tools like Zoom or spending a large part of their days on the phone. If you and your family are starting to get on each other’s nerves with the ways sound travels through your home, look to invest in some sound-dampening partitions, in the case of a small or open-plan home, or wall boards that can be used to make individual rooms more soundproof. If all else fails, a very good pair of noise-cancelling headphones for when you yourself need to be focused is a great way to make progress.

If you do choose one of the more permanent remodeling strategies mentioned above, make sure that you check out how most remodeling projects stand up when it comes to return on investment as well as how much it may cost. This winter, however, you may get much of your ‘return’ in the form of greater home harmony, happiness, and comfort. You’ll turn some of those dollars and hours that would have gone to out-of-home entertainment into greater material comfort in the house.

Top Design Trends for Spending Winter Months At Home

Use Crystal Collection

These crystals come with a multitude of different shapes and color variations, which are sure to bring a pop of visual appeal and personality to every atmosphere, looking sophisticated and precious. In addition to putting the gems on your coffee tables and bookshelves, as additional features, you can also clasp or tie them to your fine jewelry boxes and side tables.

Abstract Culture

This is the humorous theme in available interiors influenced by impressionist artwork. This look is all about projecting personality in our homes with bold geometrics, hand-drawn drawings and playful blocks of paint. The goal is to elicit emotions and build an atmosphere, and it definitely does that.  New trend of having all the abstract artwork on wall is just pleasingly aesthetic. Abstract can be shown via paintings and can also be printed on cushions.

Look for gentle and neutral for bold and vivid and go with pared-back bits and chosen options. This aspect of more mindful home choices stems from the pattern of environmental consciousness.

The trend goes on. We are the ones who make trends and change them.

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