DESIGN TIPS: DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Neon Sign

So, here are some tips to remember or follow while creating your neon sign

DESIGN TIPS: DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Neon Sign

Be it for business or personal use, neon signs have become quite famous. Though there are many professionals creating neon signs, creating neon signs is so simple and hassle free that choosing a DIY process can actually serve your need in a fun filled way. So, here are some tips to remember or follow while creating your neon sign.

DESIGN TIPS: DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Neon Sign

  1. Decide on the design: Whether you are doing it your way or the professional way, the first step is to decide on the design of the signage. When we speak of design it includes what is that you want to write and of what size. While using neon it is ideal to use cursive writing because it makes the alphabets clear and clean when lit. If you are making a shape, then you need refine the outer/border of the design which you wish to light. 
  2. Material needs: Once the design is ready, the next step is to arrange for the material that shall help you create the sign in real. So, you need papers and pencil. 16-guage metal wire, 5mm EL wire of the colour you wish your neon sign to be of and the supporting batteries needed to lit the lights. Lastly, wire cutter and hot glue gun, 
  3. Implementation: The design is in place, the material needed is procured, now it’s time to actually make the neon sign. So, here is a step by step procedure of how to make it:
  • Draw your design on paper. Ensure you draw the design perfectly in terms shape and size. 
  • Trace the design so that you can get the wire in the exact size
  • Bend and mould the wire precisely to the design you made. This is neccessary to ensure the EL wire is glued well.
  • Now using the hot glue gun start sticking the EL wire starting from the end where the battery is. 
  • Safely stick it and cut the extra neon light in the end. 
  1. Place it: Now that your neon sign is ready, it’s time to place it at the desired spot in your house or workplace. If you plan to frame it, then ensure you find a frame that doesn’t obstruct the shine of the sign. Also, find a lighter frame/material to hold the neon sign. 

DESIGN TIPS: DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Neon Sign

Now you know what you need to create your neon sign, before you try your hands, here is the last piece of information that you must. Wondering what??? A quick checklist of do’s and don’t’s that would ensure that your neon sign looks PERFECT. 


  1. do ensure that you choose a right colour of LED lights as it’s the color of lights that actually make or break your neon sign. Ideally, choosing bright colours is good. 
  2. Do keep it simple. Ensure to keep your design, clean, simple and clutter free. 
  3. Do remember that the main aim of using a neon sign board is visibility. Therefore, come up with designs that don’t dampen the visibility. 
  4. Do remember that the background of your neon sign depends on the background colour of the room/wall you are placing it. 


  1. Do not try to make your neon signboard heavy and big. ensure to maintain a healthy ratio of the size of the board to the sign of space where you are hanging it.
  2. Try to avoid white background for your neon signboard as in the majority of the cases, the whiteboard defuses the light effect. 

DESIGN TIPS: DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Neon Sign

With the above tips, we are sure that you must have got a hang of creating your own neon sign. Some of you may think when it is available in the market why make it?? Yes, buying neon signs may prove easy and quick, but we the neon sign you are making is special then trying to make it would actually become an experience that you would cherish and remember, everytime you see the neon sign glowing. Also, considering that it’s a simple process, you can actually create your own neon sign just for fun or like an activity that you can do with your dear ones. So, what are you waiting for, wear your creative hat and go for it. 

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