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How to Style a Studded Leather Jacket to Slay Street Fashion

Looking for ways to style a studded leather jacket? Here are some outfits to try for fall/winter 2022/23

Photography © Ellen Von Unwerth / Courtesy of © Philipp Plein

Your sartorial choices define your persona, giving hints about your personal style and whether you have the know-how about the ongoing trends in fashion. It takes top notch fashionable picks and infallible styling to prove that you are a dandified man. Clothing items like a studded leather jacket for men are one such pick that will elevate your style, attracting all the attention towards you.

A studded leather jacket has a stunning appearance thanks to those tiny metal embellishments. Choose a jacket with a few small circular studs for a minimalist style or one with a few spikes made of silver or golden metal for an edgier look. Alternately, you might get a leather jacket that is all spiked and studded to convey true rockstar and punk vibes.

Studs come in different shapes and sizes, such as circular, small, conical, square, or large spikes. Different styles of studded jackets may have studs and spikes on specific areas, such as collars, lapels, and pocket flaps, alongside the zipper, sleeves, or back.

If you want to express your individuality, consider getting a custom leather jacket for men with your name, logo, or a favorite quote ingrained with studs on the back of your jacket.

How a Studded Leather Jacket Amps Up Your Outfits

The leather jacket itself is a classic clothing essential, having an unparalleled level of finesse that other types of jackets do not have. Add studs to it, and the style quotient immediately increases to a whole new level.

Studded leather jackets are not new to the men’s fashion realm. They have existed ever since the punk scene paved its way into mainstream fashion during the 70s. The rebellious aura stems from them being an iconic staple for punk and rock musicians and followers of that genre.

The studded jacket has evolved much more than an identity of the punk rock style in the current fashion scene. Thanks to the trending streetwear brands, it is now a street style staple that gives men a particular bold look with badass vibes. Wearing a studded leather jacket makes you stand out among the crowd, portraying your invincible fashion sense.

You can opt for a leather jacket with studs in any style, such as biker jackets, bomber jackets, quilted racer jackets, cropped jackets, hooded jackets, or vests. Any of these will offer you a distinctive appearance, and you can use them to create glamorous outfits and express your fashion sense

Photography © Ellen Von Unwerth / Courtesy of © Philipp Plein

Men’s Outfit Ideas With Studded Leather Jackets

Contrary to popular belief, studded leather jackets are incredibly versatile. You can pair them with a number of your wardrobe essentials, and it will manage to give you an impeccable look that is attention grabbing and swanky. No one can ignore a dapper man who makes an entry wearing a splendid leather jacket with shiny studs ingrained on it.

Black Turtleneck And Studded Biker Jacket Outfit

One of the most dashing fall ensembles you can create with a studded jacket is with a black turtleneck. Use the turtleneck and medium washed blue slim fit jeans as the base for your outfit. Layer it with an extravagant studded leather biker jacket in a dark color, preferably black or chocolate brown.

You can add the final touches to this outfit with suede Chukka boots.

Button Down Shirt and Chinos With Studded Racer Jacket

Button-down shirts and leather jackets make a stylish combo, and you can nail the outfit by making an eye pleasing contrast between the two staples. We suggest going for a light blue striped button down and dark grey chinos with a light grey leather jacket. Go for a jacket with a few studs detailing on the sleeves to keep the vibes subtle.

Studded Jacket Over a Basic Sweatshirt and Cargo Pants

Nothing can add rugged vibes to a laid-back outfit more than a studded leather jacket. In this particular outfit, we suggest wearing a light shaded sweatshirt with cargo pants and layering the comfy pairing with a blue studded leather jacket. Go with any type of sneakers to complete this look.

Leather Moto Jacket with Studs Over Ripped Jeans

Wearing all black is a fool proof way to wear a studded motorcycle jacket. It really puts your jacket in the spotlight so that it can completely exude its distinguished vibes. Wear your studded black leather jacket over a solid black t-shirt and ripped black jeans. Round off the punk inspired monotone look with black combat boots.

White Tank Top, Black Joggers, And Black Studded Jacket

This black and white look with a white tank top and black jogger pants will take your casual style game to a whole new level. Pair it with a black studded bomber jacket to show that you can look dapper even in a laid-back outfit.

Red Hoodie and Studded White Jacket

Wearing a contrasting hoodie under a leather jacket is always a good idea. It’s a combination that will let you to casually dominate the street style scene. Start with a red hoodie  layered under a white studded leather jacket. Pair it with white track pants and sneakers to carry off this look with an athletic touch.

Navy Leather Jacket with Studs Over Grey Henley

The combination of navy blue and grey is never going out of style. Whether your outfit is casual or smart, this color combo will always be on point. We recommend pairing up a grey henley, blue straight leg jeans, and a navy blue studded motorcycle jacket. This stunning outfit can be rounded off with matching grey slip on sneakers.

Red and Black Flannel with Studded Bomber Jacket

No matter how much fashion evolves, there is no comparison whatsoever with a comfortable flannel shirt. In this case, opt for a red and black flannel over black slim fit jeans and layer the outfit with a studded bomber style jacket.

Studded Jacket with Leather Pants

When creating outfits with a studded jacket, jeans, khakis, joggers, and athletic pants are unquestionably the best choices. However, going for an all-leather appearance is also quite doable. To channel punk in today’s fashion, wear basic black leather leggings, a white t-shirt, and a fully embellished vest made of black leather. Add a pair of black leather boots to complete the look.


Wearing a leather jacket demonstrates how meticulous you are about finishing your outfits with the best of the best. Additionally, fashion-forward men and women will endorse your look if the jacket includes elaborate details like studs and spikes. Any of the aforementioned methods to wear a studded leather jacket will make you the center of attention everywhere you go.

Images from Philipp Plein Spring Summer 2020 by Ellen Von Unwerth – See the full story here

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