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Dupli Casa

Project: Dupli Casa

Location: Marbach in South- Western Germany
Architect: Jürgen Mayer H
Architect Studio:
This family house is actually a reconstruction of a 1984.s project, where family wanted to keep up the space and just do an upgrade to the modern times, or even bring the future in. Source

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  1. This place triggers my WOW! reflex better than any other building I’ve seen so far, making it close to my ideal house. I love the way the base of the walls seem to flow out over the ground and how the cave-like picture windows are tucked in under the cantilevered top floor.
    I wonder whether the roof line could have been resolved in a different way – the lack of visible roof above the walls makes it feel like the top floor is completely open to the sky. And the dark wooden floors seem a bit too sombre in such a light space. It would be interesting to see just how some of those spaces are used in everyday living.

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