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Designer Ora-Ito

Designer: Ora-Ito
Ora-Ito is a young french designer, who become known after showing his designs on his web portfolio, which embellished by Apple, Nike, Louis Vuitton logos created quite a confusion in design circles. Very soon people wanted to know where they can buy those products, the Chinese even made a knock-off his “Louis Vuitton” bag, supposing its the real thing. When they found out, these big companies did not even think of suing the young designer, instead they started hiring him giving him some real job opportunities. And that’s how Ora-Ito name became a brand, now his name signs products for brands like Adidas, Heineken, Joop, Artemide lamps, Capellini and Magis websites, Swatch watches, Gorenje, Davidoff packaging and even interiors like the one he designed for club The Cabaret in Paris.
Today Ora-Ito is the symbol of modern changes: virtual turns into real, brand creates a product, and with time copy turns into original.

Tall Buildings by MoMA

Photography by Kimiko Yoshida