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Sleep Suit by Columbia University GSAPP

Sleep Suit
Designed by
Columbia University GSAPP
Master of Architecture

The project attempts to challenge the idea of personal space in relationship to the human body and its surrounding environment. It is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s practice of Dymaxion Sleeping, which involves four 30-minute naps over a period of 24 hours, and the material requirements for such conditions. Architecturally, the very close relationship between the human body and the suit acts as the generator of form as well as tool to negotiate between the occupant and his or her surroundings. The structure of the material, a structural pleat, is used as a means to create feelings of connected and disconnectedness as well as provide varying levels of support for different parts of the body. By thinking of the cut pattern as sections of the body, the structure can act as a semi-permeable outer skin. More over at

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