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How Your Office Design Effects Productivity

We’ve all been in offices at one point that were decked out with uncomfortable furniture. While this might get the job done in the short-term, it’s ignoring the bigger picture. It’s not a question of form over function, but considering the effects it has on your company as a whole. Not only does it reflect badly on your company’s image, but having uncomfortable office furniture can lead to demotivated employees who end up producing substandard work.


Why You Should Consider Renting

The reason we see offices up and down the country filled with plywood desks and roller-ball chairs is simple: it’s cheap. This is paramount for any up-and-coming business working on a strict budget. Rather than paying for your furnishings outright, though, you could consider renting it instead. Office contracting suppliers will let you pay for the furniture you need on a monthly contract. This could work on a lease or as a hire-contract, where at the end of the contract you’ll own the furniture. If you aren’t heavily invested in an office space, you could switch to a luxury serviced office provider like Landmark Plc, who specialise in offering high-end offices in prestigious London locations. These kinds of services are perfect for smaller businesses, as it allows them to break up the capital of an otherwise costly operation.


What You Should Be Looking For

Have fun with it: When people see images of Google’s offices they often make comments on the pool table or pinball machines, saying that those kinds of distractions won’t keep you motivated and focused on your work. What they’re failing to realise though is that happy employees produce better work. A more cost-effective way to do this is by choosing furniture in bright colours. Colour assists in effecting an individual’s overall mood so choosing vibrant colours is a good way to alleviate stress or increase productivity.

The dividing line: Try separating the office space to two different zones. You’ve likely heard about the importance of balancing your personal life with your professional life, and this is a similar concept within your working environment. Make one of the spaces better suited to your work and the other one to be used when you and your employees are on a break. This way, you’re creating two distinct environments inside the same office. People don’t like to be stuck in the same place for too long.

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