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Easy Time – Saving DIY Hairstyle Hacks for Women

DIY hair is now more popular than ever here are the best tips and new styles on the rise rounded up by DESIGN SCENE beauty team:

Photo from ©Paulina Wesolowska & Lukasz Zylka for DSCENE

Having beautiful, stunning and healthy hair is definitely a dream for many women. While there are many beautiful hairstyles you can rock to different occasions, it can be quite a headache taking good care of your hair and styling it, especially on a tight schedule. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look your best. You can always have a grooming kit with the best hair cutting system, and employ easy time saving DIY hairstyle hacks. The tips below will help you to dramatically change the way you feel and look.

Photo from ©Paulina Wesolowska & Lukasz Zylka for DSCENE

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1. Wavy curls

Wavy curls or beachy waves are easy to manage and they make a statement. This is a DIY hack that will help you to steal the show. The secret to this hairstyle is that it works best on medium length as well as long hair. You can achieve the best and gorgeous curls with lots of appeal and volume with wavy curls. You only need;

• Styling spray.
• Hair spray.
• A curling iron to achieve the desired wavy curls, beachy curls or vintage curls, on your hair.

2. Brush up

Brushing your hair is a simple hack that works best on all hairstyles. Today, hair brushes come in handy in the market. Therefore, whether you are looking for;

• Smoothing hairbrush.
• Curling brush.
• A brush for your updo, to add shine or bounce to your hair, you will always find the most ideal for your hair.

There are brushes made for specific hair textures and lengths. Therefore, define your needs and get a brush that will work best for your hair. What’s more, they are available in different sizes, bristle types and an array of shapes. Shop around and get a deeper insight into the different types and maximize on what suits your hairstyling needs.

Photo from ©Paulina Wesolowska & Lukasz Zylka for DSCENE

3. Side swept bang

The side swept bang is an amazing hairstyle. Based on the occasion, you can get a bang in different ways. You can decide to sweep a bang across your face, to one side while focusing on true perfection or simply have it subtle. What’s interesting about this hairstyle hack is that you do not struggle when working on your dream bangs.

4. Ponytail

The ponytail is not only an effortless hairstyle but also an elegant option for different face types. It is easy to style and it offers a fresh casual and professional look. It is a hairdo that can give you an incredible look if your hair is fluffy or voluminous.

5. Play with Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are amazing as they help you to achieve numerous hairstyles. It doesn’t matter what the texture or the colour of your hair is. The pins are easy to use and available in a wide array for you to explore. You can take advantage of the pins to hold up your hair, get a few overnight waves or to simply hold back your hair for a look that creates a wow factor. Explore the amazing potential of bobby pins to define your personality with the desired hairstyle.

6. Speed bump

The speed bump is one of the unimaginable hairstyle but an amazing DIY hairdo hack that you always rock to the office and to a night out. You only need to make a beautiful top-knot after brushing your hair. It is a hairstyle that blends classic, creativity and charming look of an amazing top knot. For the best results, it is important to have the right brush, bobby pins or a hair band to create and hold the bump in place.

Photo from ©Paulina Wesolowska & Lukasz Zylka for DSCENE

7. Quick bun with Spin Pins

Spin pins are great hair accessories that help you to achieve quick bun hairstyle. You can hold your hair up or a have a bun at the back gracefully throughout the day. You can also go for twists and locks using your spin pins.

8. An easy pompadour

An easy pompadour is also an amazing hack that you can go for. It is a classic hairstyle that involves rolling your hair back off the forehead. The beauty of the pompadour is that you can always reinvent and roll your hair back, to the sides, have the roll past your forehead, slick backsides or simply clip off the roll at the top of your head and tuck it to achieve a low pony.

9. Treat your hair

With these simple hacks, you should also consider an oil hair treatment as it infuses moisture to your hair, and allows it to grow longer, thicker and stronger. Most importantly, it makes your hair easy to style even when you have less than 5 minutes to your appointment. What’s more, it helps you to cut down your extra costs that come with haircare.

Images by Paulina Wesolowska & Lukasz Zylka for Beauty SCENE

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