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How Celebs Pull off Mens Designer Jeans on the Red Carpet

Easy go-to outfit for looking sharp and elegant

You’re probably used to seeing male celebrities in fitted tuxedos during red carpet events like the Oscars. It’s an easy go-to outfit for looking sharp and elegant in a luxury, designer brand. If you’re not on the red carpet to make jaws drop, then you’re there to stand out in any way you can, even if that means showing up in designer jeans for men.

With hundreds of paparazzi cameras and screaming fans watching your every move, this is one event where looking your best is mandatory. Jeans can be a risky choice because they’re not exactly the sharpest of men’s pants. Denim is traditionally worn with fashion-forward streetwear sold across mens clothing online stores like Differio. However, it’s also known for being too casual, even for dress-code standards in corporate offices.

So, we’re left to ponder on this mysterious clothing dilemma: how do these male celebrities pull off mens fashion jeans without looking like they’re going on a coffee run? Not to worry – we’ve gathered some red-carpet styling tricks on how to dress up your mens designer jeans for your next formal event.

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1. The Half-Tuxedo Look

If this is still new fashion territory for you, then going with the half-tuxedo look is one of the safer routes. Part denim and part suit, this formal jean outfit is kind of like wearing a mullet (business on top and party on bottom).

You can start with mens designer jeans in a solid dark wash or indigo blue for an expensive-yet-versatile look. Layer your dark jeans with a fitted tuxedo blazer, casual t-shirt, and dark-colored loafers. You’re basically mixing casual and formal pieces to balance out your mens fashion jeans.

2. The Denim-Overload Look

This was one of the most iconic denim looks during the supercouple days of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Perfect for statement makers, you’ll definitely get noticed anywhere you go when you’re in head-to-toe denim. We’re not talking about just wearing a denim shirt with ripped jeans for men. This calls for everything from denim hats to denim sneakers.

You can either go with a monochromatic color scheme or wear mens colored jeans to add a cool contrast. Once you’ve found the right designer jeans for men, you can pair them with a denim blazer, chambray tee, denim sneakers, and denim snapback hat. If you find denim accessories, then go ahead and pound on the denim pieces.

3. The Out-of-Office Look

Not quite as fancy as the semi-tuxedo outfit, this red-carpet outfit is about mixing workwear with formalwear. If it’s too hot to layer jackets overcool jeans for guys, the out-of-office look is a great look for going jacket-free.

Since you’re ditching the suit jacket, you can go for slim fit jeans or skinny jeans for men to give your figure a fitted silhouette. Top off your jeans with a casual button-down shirt, skinny tie and casual sneakers.

4. The Moto-Leather Look

Leather jackets are known for lending that bad-boy look with virtually any outfit, especially when paired with designer jeans for men. Plus, they’re usually worn fitted and open, just like blazer jackets, so it imitates the same silhouette with an edgier effect.

When choosing the right denim, don’t be afraid to dive into your stash of mens distressed jeans. Even though it’s a red-carpet event, ripped jeans will only elevate your leather outerwear. The beauty of this outfit is its versatility. You can go the tee-and-sneakers route or shirt-and-boots route, depending on your mood.

5. The Sporty-Schoolboy Look

Bomber jackets are popular items not just in men’s streetwear, but also as a red-carpet staple to pair with designer jeans for men. Similar to leather jackets, the bomber lends the same fitted silhouette as suit jackets without the formality. Instead of silk blazers, male celebs are showing up in silk bomber jackets layered over their trendy mens jeans.

If you’re going with the varsity look, you’ll want to go for mens urban jeans decorated with embroidery or studs to throw in some street-inspired vibes. You can throw on a solid button-up shirt underneath paired with fashion sneakers and modern sunglasses.|

Images by Aaron Cameron Muntz for MMSCENE


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