Things You Should Know Before You Print Custom T-Shirts

Here are some things that you should definitely acknowledge before you give your wholesale custom t-shirts for screen printing.

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Printed custom t-shirts are trendy and make good and effective marketing and advertising strategy but there can be some issues over the printing quality of the custom t-shirts. If you are buying wholesale custom t-shirts, you need to be very vigilant about the printing quality. Wholesale custom t-shirts often have a poor printing quality because of the poor-quality laser printers used. So, it is better to always rely on a trust-worthy vendor who keeps a check and balance about the print quality of the wholesale custom t-shirts. An alternative that some people prefer is getting a laser engraving machine and moving the entire process in-house. Of course, this requires some space, and depending on volume, you may need more than one machine, but this is sure to guarantee a certain level of quality, that if you’re just getting started, may be hard to find elsewhere.

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It might be annoying to research a lot about custom t-shirt printing but in the end, it benefits you long-term. Here are some things that you should definitely acknowledge before you give your wholesale custom t-shirts for screen printing.

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Photo ©Ramona Deckers for DSCENE

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Things You Should Know Before You Screen Print Custom T-shirts

Make sure to go through the following checklist before you screen print custom t-shirts for your brand.

1. The Type of T-shirts to Use

It is crucial to select good stuff or good material for your wholesale custom t-shirts for perfect screen printing of your logo or etc. You might have to pay extra dollars for choosing good stuff for your wholesale custom t-shirts but it is always worth it in the end and always better than the design coming off the t-shirts. After a good research, I found out that you should consider soft material for printed custom t-shirts.

2. Designs and Colors

When planning to print your wholesale custom t-shirts, it is better to make conscious notes of the colors you need to add and the type of designs for screen printing. Here’s a thing about screen printing. The more colors you encompass and incorporate, the more expensive your wholesale printed custom t-shirts will be, so make sure that the use of colors is minimal and simple. It is better to keep your design down to a single tone color to cut down the costs in half.

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3. Order Quantity

Before you print your wholesale custom t-shirts, just go through the pricing tiers and the order quantity of your t-shirt printing vendor. Ask about the minimum printing order quantity, which is basically the least number of shirts your vendor can print in a single order. Make sure to place the order in bulk as more the quantity will be, less will be the printing price of each shirt.

4. The Printer’s Preferred File Format

Another important consideration is the type of format in which you need to give your design. Make sure to ask about the preferred file format in which your vendor wants the design along with your wholesale plain t-shirts. Most of the vendors prefer receiving the illustrator file or the ‘.ai’ file.

5. Turnaround Time

If you have an event coming up and you need to have your wholesale custom t-shirts be ready by that date, it is crucial to know the turnaround time to save you from the mini heart attack. It is better to give yourself leverage in the form of cushion time. Cushion time always saves you beforehand. Any delay can happen, for instance misprinting. To cope with the mishaps, you must have some cushion time to recover the damage that has been done.

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