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The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?

The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to precious timepieces, variety is quite important. Just as you need different kinds of clothes for different occasions, you need different watches to complement your dressing and your mood. On the periphery, watch strap material, color, and size are some of the differentiating factors. On a more serious level, the watch movement is the most important differentiating factor.

Watch movement is a key factor that determines so many things, including value, precision, price, maintenance, durability, and more. This is why many less-experienced shoppers find it hard to decide between quartz watches and automatic watches. We will differentiate the two extensively to help you make informed decisions.

Why Choose A Watch According To Movement?

We’ve indirectly mentioned some of the most important reasons to buy watches according to movement type. For the sake of emphasis, we will highlight once again. Variety is important – which means you need to have different watches. Again, the movement of a watch determines so many things about it. This means quartz and automatic movements both come with unique benefits. Depending on these benefits and how they align with your personal needs, choose watches carefully.

The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?

What are Quartz Watches?

Quartz watches are the typical watches that are battery-powered. The movement is, therefore, electronic in nature. They are the standard everyday watches that make up a large percentage of watches produced each year.

How Do Quartz Movement Watches Work?

As mentioned in the definition, quartz watches are powered by batteries. As the name suggests, the mineral quartz is also involved in the movement. It is based on the fact that running current through a quartz crystal makes it swing at a constant frequency. Tiny crystals of quartz are therefore embedded in the circuitry of the watch, where it oscillates at an almost perfect constant frequency of 32,768 times each second as electricity runs through it. The constancy of the oscillation makes the watch keep to time, irrespective of the display (analog or digital).

The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?

What Are the Benefits of Quartz Watches?

Quartz has been embraced for many years by many watch enthusiasts. There are concrete reasons why it is the commonest watch movement to date. Here are some of their most striking benefits:
Precision – When you want a watch that will tell the time as it is, quartz watches are your best options. They are highly accurate and will hardly gain or lose time once their batteries are working well.

Reliability – The battery-powered quartz watches are also known for their reliability. Since they require zero-intervention of the wearer, they are often reliable to a great extent.

Affordability – Quartz watches are easy to make and are generally affordable. They are the best option for individuals in need of a simple everyday watch.

Maintenance – Even the best quartz watch requires minimal maintenance. Once the batteries are changed every few years, it will be great.

Durability – Quartz watches are also known for their durability.


Some top examples of automatic watches include:
● Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber
● Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber
● Okeanos Blue Link Steel
● Okeanos Classic White Link
● Ascari Two-Tone Gold Steel Link
● Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber
● Ascari Tuscany Rubber

The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?

What Are Automatic Watches?

Automatic watches are watches that are powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. They are self-winding mechanical watches that tap into the minimal movement of the wearers’ hands to power the engine and store energy.

How Do Automatic Watches Work?

One of the most important things to know about automatic watches is that they are made up of mainspring and trains of gears that work together to ensure that they are ticking appropriately and moving constantly. A weighted gear and ball bearings help to harvest energy from the natural movement of the wearer. The energy is used to move the complex gear system, and some are transferred to the power reserve. A quality automatic chronograph watch will work accurately if it is worn continuously. It will use the reserve power to work when it is taken off, but the reserve power varies from one watch to another.

What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Watches?

Automatic watches are highly regarded by fashionable men. Here are some of their most important benefits:

They are Specially Crafted – Most automatic wristwatches take a lot of time, intricacy, and skill to create. Owning such a watch is a special feat for most people.

Aesthetic Appeal – Automatic watches are mostly beautifully-crafted. If your priority is aesthetic, they are the best to consider.

Captivating Movement – Most people admire the beautiful movement of automatic watches. This is why most of the best ones have exposed case backs.

Prestige – Most automatic watches have a lot of craftsmanship and artistry behind them. Some of the makers also have a deep history and heritage that you can claim by buying their creations.

The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?


Some top examples of automatic watches include:
● Venice Rose Gold Automatic
● Venice Rose Gold Blue Automatic
● Okeanos Two-Tone Black Link Automatic
● Venice Monochrome Automatic Mesh
● Venice Rose Gold Automatic Mesh
● Venice Monochrome Automatic

The Difference between Quartz and Automatic, Which One Is Right For You?


Deciding to buy quartz or automatic watch shouldn’t give you a big headache. They are both great options once you know what you need. Quartz watches and automatic watches have their individual advantages. We have differentiated the two categories appropriately. We have also highlighted their major benefits.

You should choose a watch according to your immediate needs and the benefits you consider as priorities. We have also provided some good examples of quartz and automatic watches from Filippo Loreti. While they are all from the same brand, these are some of the best, and affordable premium wrist watches for stylish men out there. We hope this piece helps you make informed decisions henceforth.

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