4 Accessories You Must Have For Fashion Photography

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the must-haves if you attempt your hand at fashion photography

4 Accessories You Must Have For Fashion Photography

You can have the best-in-class camera setup in the world, yet click below average pictures similarly, if you could click some truly thought-provoking pictures with an average device. Photography is not at all about camera setups, accessories, editing mediums- what matters is how you choose to capture the moment or the subject. 

Photographers in leading magazines and journals make their photos come alive; their images always deliver a statement- they have a particular style which you need to imbibe into a skillset.

It would be best to find that ideal combination of tech support and individual sensibility to develop professional-level photographic skills. With a wide array of accessories to suit your style, it could become a challenge to find the ideal choices. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the must-haves if you attempt your hand at fashion photography:

4 Accessories You Must Have For Fashion Photography

Prime Lens

While assembling camera parts for fashion photography, make sure you have a quality prime lens. It might be tough to choose the ideal prime lens at the beginning. For simple understanding, a prime lens is different from the zoom lens and has a fixed focal length – i.e., no zoom function.


This could knock back a few novice photographers at first due to its limitation. The lens is particularly renowned for producing a high-quality image. The lack of multiple glass elements in the lens results in such increased sharpness. 

4 Accessories You Must Have For Fashion Photography


It would be best to opt for a tripod if you want to free up the hands to adjust your subject or model conveniently. It further helps in maintaining the settlement of the camera without necessarily disturbing the camera angle.

You can use a tripod in various photography, such as product, landscape, and portrait. It ensures the camera remains stationary when you click the photo. Having a tripod in your accessory kit will help you foray into low light, landscape photography, self-portraits, long exposures, and macro photography. 

4 Accessories You Must Have For Fashion Photography

Polarizing Filter

Prolific photographers are always keen to take pictures in natural light. Natural light is still available while taking photos. Hence in specific challenging scenarios, you must have polarizing filters for light adjustment.

You can leverage premium photographic support by using the filter to boost color saturation, darken blue skies, or even reduce or remove reflected glare. You could add such effects later on while processing your photos as well. But having the option available on the spot is always bliss. 

4 Accessories You Must Have For Fashion Photography

Memory Cards

Lastly, memory cards are an essential cog of your camera. New cameras often come with preinstalled memory cards, albeit with limited storage capacity. Hence it would be best if you get an additional memory as well.

There are just a handful of raw card formats found on digital cameras. Your memory cards must be able to process high-resolution photos or videos at high speeds to support your camera’s large sensors, high frame rates, or pixel counts. 

You must make sure that you are not using a washed up or slow memory card. It could hinder your camera’s buffer filling up unexpectedly. You should always use memory cards that are supportive of your camera speeds. 


To put it simply, if you plan to get engaged with fashion photography, you must have a quality prime lens, a decent tripod, some polarized filters, and an accompanying memory card.

Together, they will help you to industry level photos without any disturbance or difficulty. Additionally, you could consider getting a camera bag and a wrist strap to protect your camera body.

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