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Designing the Table: the Crossover Between Design and Tradition at the Heart of the Home

Read on to explore how you can design your table to feature modern design trends while also honoring traditions

Designing the Table the Crossover Between Design and Tradition at the Heart of the Home

The dining table might seem like an insignificant piece of furniture that is simply there to fill the gap in the dining room – but it is so much more than that. It merges traditions with design to create the heart of a home. The dining table is a place to eat delicious food, share stories, laugh, and host the holiday festivities like the all-important Christmas dinner, Passover seders, or the end of Ramadan feast.

That crossover between design and tradition feels nostalgic and somewhat wholesome – read on to explore how you can design your table to feature modern design trends while also honoring traditions.

Modern Dining Table Design Trends

Modern dining design trends vary, but they all seem to follow one theme – neutral. Neutral colors, minimalistic features, but a somewhat bold appearance form the current design trends. Whites, greys, and the classic oak tables are the perfect color trends to follow. Some people also like to add a feature, call it a statement piece. A beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers or a traditional table runner can break up the neutral vibes by adding a pop of color that isn’t too overpowering.   

However, for some, there’s more to the table’s expression than neutrality. While the Christmas Day table arrangement has often been a feature in the homes that celebrate – in addition to other Christian-centric holidays like Easter and Halloween – this commitment to colour and decoration has spread to every corner of the year. Flowers, or flower aesthetics, common to each season make their appearance in bouquets or wreaths on the table, finding still-life in vases. Thematic consistency is key: the spring arrangement is built upon the blossom and the pinks, and for Easter painted eggs join them, before the transition out of spring into the summer of sunflowers. Or, indeed, the table make act independently of the seasons, faithful to the room itself, reciprocating the colours and themes of the decor. Either way, the table has been an important part of the modern home.

Designing the Table the Crossover Between Design and Tradition at the Heart of the Home

Seasonal Traditional Features

The holiday seasons are when the dining table comes to life – in fact; dining tables remain more of a statement piece of furniture than they do a practical one for the majority of the year. Sofa dining has taken over. Still, this is where the crossover between design and tradition comes to life.

Jewish households bring the tradition of a dining table to life with the Seder meal and plates at Passover – click here for examples. Muslim homes follow Eid tablescape designs to celebrate the end of Ramadan – follow this link for examples. And everyone goes to town with Christmas decorations for the all-important festive feast.

As quickly as it began, dining tables often change back to their previous state or whatever comes next.

Dining Table Inspiration

There are tons of dining table inspirations to explore. Draw inspiration from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and you’ll go down the thick, almost concrete-like, marble table that featured in her recent home tour with Vogue. Or you might like to explore designer dining tables on the upper end of the price bracket like Fendi Casa, Brabbu, and Henge.

Of course, for those who can afford it, some dining tables serve as pure aesthetic, something in need of being dusted, rather than used. It is in a permanent state of looking-good, while island bars and other dining tables are used for eating at. Nonetheless, this doesn’t diminish the feature of dining tables. They serve the image of the home.

Other people like to explore Pinterest and dabble in upcycling. Upcycling is, obviously, great for the environment and can be an excellent creative project. Buying a cheap dining table from a thrift store or flea market and upcycling it into a modern dining table will save you a ton of money. Type in upcycling dining tables on Pinterest to find endless examples.

The dining table might seem like an insignificant, fill-the-gap type of furniture – but it’s actually one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home. It brings families and friends together, honors traditions, and completes a home. There are tons of design trends to explore that combine tradition and modern design effortlessly.


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