INTERIOR DESIGN: Tips for Designing a Productive Home Office

Continue reading for some general advice on how to set up an office for work from home

According to recent surveys, 65 percent of those polled stated they were more productive working remotely than in a regular office setting. This is due to the fact that, in many circumstances, work from home implies less interruptions, less commute stress, less general noise, and a more personal space.

If your home is also your office, you must establish a productive, motivating, and pleasant atmosphere. The ideal home office combines design concepts from the rest of the home with those from the corporate workplace to create the ultimate work environment—a place you love being in and where you can get things done.

Here are the most critical items you’ll need to start your own productive home office:

Finding the right space

The first step in creating a home office that prioritizes productivity is to choose the right space. If possible, try to pick a location near a window with enough of natural light to assist increase your attitude and productivity. Also, choose the room where it will be easy to divide business and family life. It should ideally be a set location where you don’t have to clean your belongings every evening.

Try to gain a sense of the environment at your office and discover the things you can do to impact it. These are various ways you may customize your workspace to make it more conducive to working.

Pick the right furniture

Despite the wide range of features, materials, and prices, there are several essential furniture pieces that every well-equipped home office should have:

Desk: As the focal point of your home office, the desk demands special consideration. Consider if you want built-in storage or a clean, flat workplace. An adjustable standing desk is another option that can bring a slew of health benefits.

Office chairs: Given the length of time you’ll be spending in it, your office chair should be supportive and pleasant, as well as assist you in maintaining a healthy posture. Ergonomic chairs are usually the greatest option since they include adjustable height and arm rests, rolling wheels, a swivel rotation, and built-in lumbar support.

Cabinets for storage: A file cabinet may help you be more organized and productive by giving your office a more polished and professional appearance.

Chairs: If your profession requires you to meet with clients or customers, designate a meeting place where you may sit comfortably. This may be as basic as two cushioned armchairs and a circular accent table on which to lay out documents and files.

Add a pop of color

Colors that inspire and motivate you should be all around you. Are you stuck for ideas? Blue, for example, is a bold color that is also approachable and calming. Alternatively, choose a favorite color from a rug, throw cushion, or piece of art, match it to a paint color, and hang it on your walls.

Include productivity tools

Productivity tools might also be beneficial in a home office setting. What you require can vary depending on your employment, but many individuals find that having a calendar and a messaging platform for talking with colleagues. One of the most important items you’ll need is a quality headset. A smart wireless Bluetooth headset with a good battery life is essential for a productive workplace, especially if you’re working in sales. One of the best headsets that you can find at the moment is the Poly Voyager 5200. Simply headset has additional bargains on this and other headsets from the same brand. If you’re on a budget there are some good alternatives like the Jabra Talk 55 which might also be a good choice.

Get rid of the clutter

Keep just the stuff on your desk that you use the most. Decorative or sentimental items are OK in a home office, but they should be placed on a shelf that is out of the way.

Include plants

Plants will not only offer a splash of color to your office, but will also boost mood and reduce stress. According to one research, even a few plants can enhance productivity by as much as 15%. Instead of just any green plant, choose one that is easy to care for and helps to enhance air quality.


Everyone’s ideal home office arrangement will be unique. It may take some time to customize your workplace so that it works best for you, and there is rarely a one-size-fits-all answer. The key is to locate a setting that allows you to feel peaceful, focused, and optimistic.


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