Lana Del Rey for Billboard Magazine by Joe Pugliese

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Lana Del Rey

American superstar Lana Del Rey lands the cover story of Billboard Magazine‘s latest edition captured by celebrity photographer Joe Pugliese at Bernstein & Andriulli.

For someone like me — and it’s not a codependent thing — I just like having someone there. I’ve been alone, and that’s fine. But I like to come home and have someone there. You know, to say, “Oh, he’s here. And this other thing (Mimes a table.) is there. And this (Mimes setting down an object on the table.) is there. (Laughs.) I’m very methodical. I have to be. I’m like that in the studio too. Mixing and mastering can take four more months after we’re done — three to mix and one to master. I like having a plan. Though I do leave spaces for ad-libbing in the studio when I write.” – Lana about relationships.

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