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Exclusive Interview With Isay Weinfeld An Architect From Brazil

ISAY WEINFELD An Architect From Brazil book is the latest release by Gestalten, a publisher always on the pulse of the latest in design, architecture, and photography. Accompanying his book release the world renowned ISAYWEINFELD sits down for an exclusive interview with our contributing journalist LAURA VANAGAITE to talk about challenges facing every architect, his love of film, and São Paulo.

How would you describe your signature style?
I don’t have any style.

As we all know and can admit, these days the architecture, interior and design spheres are becoming almost the same, since the impact of the minimalist style is quite strong the creators turn to the simplicity instead of creating something outstanding and extraordinary. How do you feel about this situation and how do you keep true to your style after doing a lot of your projects?
I keep true to my clients. I have no obligations to myself.

Your first project São Paulo clothing boutique Forum was your first feature in the U.S. design press. That could be called the beginning of all. When you were creating, were you influenced by the architecture that you see every day in Brazil?
I am influenced by many things but can guarantee architecture is not one of them.

What were the biggest challenges that you had to face when you were doing this project?
The challenge is always the same, whatever the project. In this case, to translate the client’s wishes, needs and his fashion style.

How do you see the connection between the architecture and interior design? How both of them can influence each other?
In my point of view, there is no difference between the two of them. They are one.

Where the inspiration comes when it comes to creating an interior or architecture project?
Inspiration always comes from the client.

Who do you look up to as a role model or an inspirational person in the design world?
I cannot remember anyone in particular.

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work?
The client’s satisfaction.

What do you want to be remembered for?
I don’t make a point of being remembered for anything at all.

Film has a big part in your design process. What do you find influential in the world of cinematography and how to you think it can impact the architecture?
Cinema has had a great impact in my life – and my profession, I think. Ingmar Bergman was a bigger influence than Oscar Niemeyer to me.

For what details you are looking for in the movies that you could use in your work process?

360° Building in São Paulo, which is a combination of dozens of elevated homes with private yards is one of your most famous works. It is a monumental piece in the architectural world and one of the projects that were not only a huge step in your career but also in changing how we saw the architecture. What drove you to this commission?
It is always a combination of different factors: site, program, deadline, budget, building regulations and the client.

The cities are usually representing a typical architectural style. How would you describe the architecture of your city and how do you think it could be integrated into the today’s design trends?
Sao Paulo has no identity and this has maybe become the strongest streak in its character.

How did your work process change over the years and how do you schedule everything from the start to the end?
Actual experience is very important for an architect. Over the time, everything becomes easier and answers arise more swimmingly.

Is there a particular project from your work that made the biggest impact to you personally?
Not really.

Keep up with Mr Weinfeld on Instagram @isayweinfeld. “Isay Weinfeld An Architect From Brazil” is available internationally, as a collection of Mr Weinfeld’s extraordinary projects in a beautiful hardback spanning on 320 pages. The book features detailed descriptions of the architects key projects, stunning photography of the projects as well as architectural drawings of floor plans and building views. Available on and Amazon.

Interview by Laura Vanagaite @laura.vanagaite

Interview originally published in Design Scene Magazine Issue 22


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