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Camille Hannah’s New Solo Exhibition AVA Is Coming to HOFA LA

Discover the stunning oils on plexiglass

Camille Hannah,LUPA, Oil and acrylic on plexiglass, 180 x 150cm, 2017

Australian artist Camille Hannah will present her new solo exhibition AVA at HOFA Gallery in Los Angeles later this month. 

The artist uses oil on plexiglass as a medium, making a bold statement with vividly fluid brush strokes.

Camille Hannah – Cashmere, Oil on plexiglass, 150 x 120cm, 2019,


Camille Hannah – Gold and mountains, Oil on plexiglass, 188 x 157.5cm, 2019

In her latest collection, Hannah ingeniously employs metallic bronze and prismatic iridescent glazes, some of which can only be seen and activated by the viewer as they move around a work of art. This makes it is impossible to see the whole of a painting from a static position. AVA is thus designed to be experientially dynamic as different perspectives and positions will reveal new details and perhaps, conceal others in a painting. Through her works, Camille interrogates the ubiquitous aesthetic of contemporary mediated visuality whist affirming its ability to express the visceral, intuitive energy that epitomizes her style of art. – from the artist

Camille Hannah – Leveche, Oil on plexiglass, 175 x 175cm, 2019
Camille Hannah – Nocturama, Oil on plexiglass, 150 x 120cm, 2019jpg

Camille’s works are sought after by luxury interior designers and architects because of their sensual contemporary aesthetics and creative use of dimensionality. Her vividly fluid brush strokes make a bold statement, bringing energy and vibrance wherever her works are displayed. Camille has also been known to use convex Perspex, (delete-a form of acrylic, to screen or dome her art) which gives her works the ability to add structure and new depth to any space. – from the artist

Camille Hannah- X.X.X. Triptych-2018

Camille’s first solo show in US, opens at HOFA Gallery (The House of Fine Art) on Thursday 23rd May and will be on see until Wednesday 12th June, 2019.

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