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MENSWEAR: Handmade Shoes Take The Streets

There is no match to handmade shoes when it comes to comfort and fit. This dedicated footwear presents endless customization possibilities when it comes to comfort and style

Handmade Shoes Take The Streets
Photography by ©Fernando Sippel

Handmade shoes are an emblem of art and supreme craftsmanship. With unmatched class and elegance, these shoes are loved by people from all walks of life. Traditionally associated with men’s formal, handmade shoes have evolved remarkably over time.

This bespoke footwear is already potent for men’s fashion. Whether you are walking into a gentlemen’s club, the town’s best restaurants, or strolling a street pavement, handmade shoes never fail to attract eyeballs.

In recent years, various brands and manufacturers are crafting handmade bespoke shoes in a variety of styles for both men and women. In the latest update, this progressive footwear is now taking over street fashion.

  • Handmade shoes leading the street vogue

Shoes that were once a symbol of pride, honor, and sophistication have now evolved to also represent the cool, youthful, and peppy street fashion.

The benefits of handmade shoes are second to none. They give you supreme quality, great comfortable, unparallel fit, and an incredible degree of customization. All these properties propelled shoemakers to create more fun pieces in various styles and colors.

Handmade Chelsea shoes, loafers, sandals, and more varieties are steadily swamping street fashion. You can even pick pieces with high heels or textured exotic skin to match your buoyant personality.

Hit the town avenues in springy shorts or casual jeans and a t-shirt or don a bohemian or retro outfit, you can easily find a pair of handmade shoes to add more class and oomph to your attire.

  • Oxford shoes-from office staples to modern urban outfits essential

Talking of handmade shoes, the first name that comes to mind is the oxford shoes. Their polished appearance and high-class black patent leather make them a perfect choice for offices and formal occasions.

However, you can also find tan and brown oxford shoes and pair them with different urban street styles. With a smooth silhouette and sleek design, handmade oxford is a great addition to women’s wardrobe.

Handmade Shoes Take The Streets
Photography by ©Fernando Sippel

When pairing them with casuals you can ditch the typical slimmer appearance and pick a  broader-toe piece. Tan or brown broad oxfords can instantly make your chinos or dressy jeans look dapper. They make you stand out of the crowd with an aesthetically sophisticated and refined cosmopolitan street style.

  • Endless possibilities and extensive customization

There is no match to handmade shoes when it comes to comfort and fit. The master cobblers design these bespoke shoes specifically for your foot shape and sizing. Clearly, this dedicated footwear presents endless customization possibilities when it comes to comfort and style.

The craftsmen consider everything from basic size to instep and the arch. They even keep in mind any special conditions such as flatfootedness and others. You can pick the type and texture of the leather that suits your preferences.

Choose the color combination, perforation, height, shape, heel, style, and silhouette are jew a few mentions of personalizing options you have.

  • Up your style quotient by pairing predominant fashionable outfits with handmade shoes

Thinking of street fashion, you think of comfort, fun, and easy dressing. Surprisingly handmade shoes can perfectly complement these styles and can even add more class and boldness to your look. Here is some fashionable urban street outfit that gets a new dimension with bespoke footwear.

  • Oxford shoes are a great match with chinos paired with a cool blazer.
  • Team up your jeans with long coats and tan or brown oxfords to ace the winter street look.
  • Handmade monks can give a sporty look to women’s street attire.
  • You can choose leather Chelsea boots to give more oomph to your simple classic jeans, shirt, and short jacket look.
  • Handmade flat loafers and lace-up flats blend well with the all-summer street wardrobe. Women can pair them with bohemian or retro street style.



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