AREA fashion brand story starts in the pulsating heart of downtown New York City in 2014, two designers, Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg, brought to life a vision. Their brainchild, AREA, emerged as a fashion and accessories design studio, seamlessly merging quality craftsmanship, revolutionary textile development, and groundbreaking embellishment.

The Minds Behind AREA

Hailing from contrasting backgrounds, Beckett's roots trace back to Lexington, Kentucky, while Piotrek was birthed in Poland and nurtured in Holland's culture. Their individual expertise at renowned brands like Calvin Klein Collection and Chloé became the underpinning of their knowledge. But it was their fateful encounter at Parsons while pursuing their Masters in Fashion Design and Society that set the stage for AREA fashion brand's inception. Together, they weave their disparate histories to journey through a shared exploration of aspiration, history, and the conceptualized grandeur of glamour through AREA.

AREA Fashion Brand’s Philosophical Ethos

At the heart of AREA lies a profound exploration of perceptions of femininity and beauty. The brand continuously references and delves into how these ideals metamorphose across the sands of time and the diverse tapestry of cultures. By examining and sometimes provocatively challenging the evolution of beauty standards, AREA stands as a beacon celebrating the magic of duality and unity.

Signature Style & Legacy

AREA dances with a style that is multifaceted. It's a blend of sharp wit, inherent glamour, playful decadence, and an undeniable burst of pop energy. The brand's nomenclature isn't mere coincidence; it resonates with the spirit of the legendary 80s Manhattan nightclub, AREA. This iconic spot was famed for its ingenious fusion of art and performance, hosting nights filled with conceptual themes that attracted a melange of the city's uptown, downtown, and the global creme de la creme of celebrities.

From its downtown genesis, AREA has spread its wings, now gracing the shelves of premier retailers worldwide. The brand has become synonymous with an ethos of global inclusiveness and a dash of cheeky, irreverent glamour.

For those seeking a brand where age-old beauty romances modern allure, AREA is the epitome.

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